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Trainz Simulator 12-SKIDROW (April-2022)




And finally the full version of DLC 1.1 is out. Before, I’ve only released the free version that allow some demo, but now you can download the full version which include all features. If you need to download it to your home, you can get the free one from here. 2) the 2nd one will be a prelude of the 3rd one, so I don’t really know, but this one is said to be the one that Maxis will use to make their own sandbox game. 3) the 3rd one will be more in line with the original theme, because Maxis told me that, and I agree, the first one is much closer to the classic theme than the 2nd one 4) I don’t have a pre-bookings for the 3rd one 5) this one is likely to be released in November or so, but it’s hard to be exactly when, because I don’t have a pre-bookings Easter egg! If you call that one, I’ll have a set of coasters of all the persons that has been available! This one is from the original Trainz 1, but the rest are from a survey I made, which will be done before the release of Trainz 3. Trainz Easter egg: If you call this one, you’ll get a set of coasters for all the person that you can choose. This one is from the original Trainz 1. I guess, you can’t choose your own avatar like that from the final version of Trainz 3. Double DLC with Trainz: Trainz 3 will be DLC 1 and 2, but this is my version. Basically, you’ll get both DLC with it! If you buy it, this one is all yours! I just need to share the full version of DLC 1.1, so I’m releasing this one before Trainz 3. And finally, I can finally release the latest version of DLC 1.1. The “Full” version include all features that were announced. The “Free” version will only include the features that I put in, but still allow you to download them and use it in your own home. Trainz: A New Era fully revamps the Trainz series, and takes the train simulation to a new level! Trainz:




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Trainz Simulator 12-SKIDROW (April-2022)

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